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Rubber crumb or granulate can be produced using ambient, cryogenic or wet grinding techniques. Ambient ground crumb of a defined size is the first step in producing a high value devulcanized rubber recyclate for reuse using Recyclatech’s Technology.


Recyclatech's Technology uses patented biotechnological intellectual property to devulcanize rubber crumb from waste tyres and for the processed material to re-enter the high value markets of the materials chain.


Recyclatech’s reprocessed rubber can be substituted for natural and synthetic virgin rubber at approximately 50% of the cost.


Recyclatech Group have developed a unique patented devulcanisation (sulphur removal) technology which enables the reprocessing of used tyres into reusable rubber, economically, profitably and without any environmental impact. The resulting processed rubber can be used in products that currently require new rubber to be used, at significant savings when compared to the cost of new material.

The amount of reclaimed rubber used by the tyre industry is approximately 1-2% of the raw materials with fine crumb rubber being used as cheaper supplemental filler. Recyclatech's technology is producing a new type of reclaimed rubber through surface modification of the crumb rubber. The MDRC rubber crumb, produced after preferred mechanical grinding and microbial treatment, is combined with virgin rubber polymer and revulcanised to form sulphur cross-links with the base matrix. We have shown that reclaimed rubber has superior bonding properties and imparts extended usage to rubber products. This reclaimed rubber could penetrate the markets of crumb rubber as we have determined that there is a clear cost advantage. It is evident from the literature that crumb is used in formulations with virgin rubber, but this is less than 5% of the total. Devulcanised rubber has an obvious compatibility advantage over crumb rubber, which is merely a filler.

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