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Rubber crumb or granulate can be produced using ambient, cryogenic or wet grinding techniques. Ambient ground crumb of a defined size is the first step in producing a high value devulcanized rubber recyclate for reuse using Recyclatech’s Technology.


Recyclatech's Technology uses patented biotechnological intellectual property to devulcanize rubber crumb from waste tyres and for the processed material to re-enter the high value markets of the materials chain.


Recyclatech’s reprocessed rubber can be substituted for natural and synthetic virgin rubber at approximately 50% of the cost.


Featured Case Study Background Large scale demonstration at CPI, Wilton Centre

Full Scale Validation of Recyclatech’s...


Recyclatech has been working on the scale up of the devulcanisation process and run a pilot plant treating...

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Case Study Image Border An exmaple of a news image

Devulcanisation Liquor Product valuable soil conditioner and fertiliser


The devulcanisation technology represents a closed-loop (Zero Waste) process that does not produce any polluting chemical substances as both the devulcanised crumb...

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Recyclatech's process removes sulphur cross links from rubber crumb


Recyclatech has developed a process for the devulcanisation of waste rubber crumb of different sizes. Sulphur removal from the crumb has been...

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Case Study Image Border Solid rubber tyre moulded using 30% Recyclatech devulcanized rubber crumb

Recyclatech solid tyre mobile cradle


Recyclatech's devulcanised rubber granulate has been used to produce a moulded solid tyre containing 30% devulcanisate. The product that acts as a...

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