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Rubber crumb or granulate can be produced using ambient, cryogenic or wet grinding techniques. Ambient ground crumb of a defined size is the first step in producing a high value devulcanized rubber recyclate for reuse using Recyclatech’s Technology.


Recyclatech's Technology uses patented biotechnological intellectual property to devulcanize rubber crumb from waste tyres and for the processed material to re-enter the high value markets of the materials chain.


Recyclatech’s reprocessed rubber can be substituted for natural and synthetic virgin rubber at approximately 50% of the cost.

Find out about our environmentally friendly rubber recycling process and the latest news on developments with Recyclatech.

Recyclatech receives funding from Imperial Innovations

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Imperial Innovations Group plc (AIM:IVO), a leading technology transfer and commercialisation company, announces that the Recycling Commercialisation Centre (the "Centre"), managed by Imperial Innovations on behalf of WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme), will provide incubation and support services to Recyclatech, a Scottish company focused on the recycling of rubber tyres.

Directives  outlawing the disposal of whole and processed tyres in landfills have created a significant market opportunity in the recycling of rubber tyres. Approximately 50 million tyres expire every year and yet there are very few commercially viable, high volume devulcanisation processes which convert recycled rubber into a form suitable for incorporating into new high technology rubber products in significant proportions. As a result, around half of the rubber material derived from waste tyres in the UK is used for low value applications such as replacement for aggregates in engineering applications, or energy recovery in the manufacture of cement.  However, Recyclatech, a company based on research carried out at Napier University in Edinburgh, has demonstrated the technical feasibility of a novel micro-biological rubber devulcanisation process. The company is developing a recyclate that can be used in new high value rubber products in greater proportions than currently achieved.

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