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Rubber crumb or granulate can be produced using ambient, cryogenic or wet grinding techniques. Ambient ground crumb of a defined size is the first step in producing a high value devulcanized rubber recyclate for reuse using Recyclatech’s Technology.


Recyclatech's Technology uses patented biotechnological intellectual property to devulcanize rubber crumb from waste tyres and for the processed material to re-enter the high value markets of the materials chain.


Recyclatech’s reprocessed rubber can be substituted for natural and synthetic virgin rubber at approximately 50% of the cost.

Find out about our environmentally friendly rubber recycling process and the latest news on developments with Recyclatech.

Specialized champions recycling

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Specialized has shown a tremendous interest in our technology and are happy work with us to use our tyre recyclate into new rubber products. Specialized produce their own range of tyres and feel they have a responsibility to manufacture products and provide services in ways that are the most ecologically sustainable.

On Earth Day 2006 they launched a recycle a tyre program in their new retail concept stores and will continue to research more green and innovative products ranging from a green certified water bottle to an eco-friendly bicycle.

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